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Find local Asians from Saitama Asian Girls including Kisai and nearby cities, Kazo (4 km), Konosu (6 km), Shobu (6 km), Hanyu (8 km), Kukichuo (9 km), Okegawa (10 km), Kurihashi (11 km), Gyoda (11 km), Shiraoka (12 km), Hasuda (13 km), Satte (13 km), Koga (14 km), Ageoshimo (15 km), Tatebayashi (16 km), Sugito (16 km), Kumagaya (17 km), Sakai (19 km), Iwatsuki (19 km), Kasukabe (20 km), Fujioka (21 km), Kawagoe (21 km), Menuma (22 km), Sakado (22 km), Sano (23 km), Yono (24 km), Kamifukuoka (25 km), Fukiage-fujimi (27 km), Saitama (27 km), Ota (28 km), Ogawa (28 km).

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Asian Girls Kisai
Results are based on a radius search of Kisai, Saitama with a Kisai center lookup of:
11 Kisai
Saitama-ken 347-0105

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There are approximately 91 registered profiles from Kisai. Including surrounding areas of Kazo, Konosu, Shobu, Hanyu, Kukichuo, Okegawa, Kurihashi, Gyoda, Shiraoka, Hasuda, Satte, Koga, Ageoshimo, Tatebayashi, Sugito, Kumagaya, Sakai, Iwatsuki, Kasukabe, Fujioka, Kawagoe, Menuma, Sakado, Sano, Yono, Kamifukuoka, Fukiage-fujimi, Saitama, Ota, Ogawa, there are over 21,834 members and growing every day.